Genome and epigenome measured in a single sequencing run

Do you need to detect epigenetic modifications in native DNA, even in difficult regions? The PacBio Sequel IIe system now offers 5-base HiFi sequencing, which simultaneously detects genetic variants and 5mC epigenetic modifications from a single library in a single sequencing experiment. This enables the study of accurate, phased epigenomes for the first time.

Watch our on-demand recording to learn about recent improvements in PacBio SMRT Link software, focusing on how to access 5-base sequencing and its epigenetic applications.

The following topics are covered:

  • Recent improvements in SMRT Link software  
  • The library preparation and analysis workflow to access the genome and epigenome
  • Application of 5-base HiFi sequencing to study imprinting, gene expression, and rare disease

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Matthew Hestand, PhD

Manager, Field Applications Scientist -Bioinformatics, PacBio


Aaron Wenger, PhD

Director, Product Marketing, PacBio