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Submission deadline: 17 May 2022

When accuracy matters, researchers choose HiFi sequencing

At PacBio, we are passionate about accuracy in sequencing data. If your research could benefit from highly accurate long-read sequencing apply, to this APAC HiFi Sequencing Experience today!


Why is accuracy so important?

Because you need sequencing data you can trust for advanced biological insights.

HiFi reads are both long (up to 25 kb) and highly accurate (99.9%) to generate complete, contiguous, and correct assemblies of even the most complex genomes with minimal compute resources.

HiFi reads offer best-in-class detection of all variant types including single nucleotide variants (SNVs), indels, and structural variants (SVs).

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How to apply for this SMRT Grant – the A-T-C-Gs

Get to know the A-T-C-Gs of this PacBio APAC HiFi Sequencing Experience

Act fast – This HiFi-SeqXP is only open for 4 weeks, so there is no time to wait. The deadline for proposals is Tuesday, 17 May 2022 at 12:00 am Singapore Time.
Tell us about your research – Projects large and small will be considered, with the possibility of multiple winners. Up to 7 SMRT Cells 8M worth of sequencing data will be awarded. Up to 7 SMRTBell library construction will also be awarded, as will sequencing on a Sequel IIe, along with HiFi data analysis. What's more; Novogene will gift project vouchers for HiFi sequencing services (For all successful applicants only).
Connect and inspire – We encourage scientists of all career stages to apply, so share this opportunity with your colleagues!
Get in touch – We are here if you have questions about this SMRT Grant or the official rules.

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Novogene was founded in Beijing, China, in 2011, with a mission to advance genomics and improve life. We are a leading provider of genomics services and solutions for the research and clinical fields. We have a global footprint with genomic sequencing labs in the US (at The University of California at Davis campus), China, Singapore, and the UK (Cambridge). Novogene has strong scientific expertise and experience with 37 NGS-related patents and over 670 research papers with total impact factors at more than 4930, including publications in first-tier journals such as Cell, Nature and Science.