ASHG 2021 Workshop

  Watch Now On-Demand Improving Human Health through Genomics with Highly Accurate Long Reads

HiFi sequencing allows researchers around the world the ability to see more and do more. With highly accurate long-read sequencing, researchers can see beyond the ordinary in the pursuit of improving human health.

During the PacBio ASHG 2021 workshop, we share our excitement about what's in store for long-read sequencing and human health, so that you can join us in the pursuit of unlocking great discoveries. To get started, PacBio Vice President of Segment Marketing, Jennifer Stone, Ph.D., demonstrates how HiFi sequencing is changing the game in human genetics by sharing some of the exciting milestones and seminal publications our technology has produced in 2021.

Jennifer is joined by Emily Farrow Ph.D., CGC, (Children’s Mercy, Kansas City) who shares how long-read genome sequencing offers the ability to detect SNV, CNS, and SV expansions with a single test. Aziz Al'Khafaji, Ph.D., (Broad Institute) shares how PacBio sequencing is working to unravel the obstacles of alternative splicing in the pursuit of full-length RNA isoforms linked to cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological diseases. And finally, Henne Holstege, Ph.D., (Amsterdam University Medical Center) discusses her work with centenarians and long-read sequencing to identify predominantly expressed VNTRs in the brains of patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

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HiFi Sequencing: See What You’ve Been Missing Jennifer Stone, Ph.D., Vice President, Segment Marketing, PacBio
Integrated Rare Disease Genomics Using Long-Read Genome Sequencing Emily G. Farrow, Ph.D., CGC, Director, Laboratory Operations - Genomic Medicine Center, Children’s Mercy Kansas City
Scalable RNA Isoform Sequencing using Intramolecular Multiplexed cDNAs Aziz Al’Khafaji, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate, Broad Institute
Uncovering Neurological Disorders Through an Examination of VNTRs Henne Holstege, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Amsterdam University Medical Center
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