2021 APAC Rare & Inherited Disease SMRT Grant program

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Sequence all life with confidence. With PacBio HiFi reads, you no longer need to compromise between long read lengths and high accuracy sequencing

Sequence all life with confidence.  With PacBio HiFi reads, you no longer need to compromise between long read lengths and high accuracy sequencing.

Solve More Genetic Diseases with Long-Read Sequencing.

  • Although rare diseases are individually rare, collectively they are common, affecting 1 in 2,000 people worldwide with 80% of cases being genetic in origin and >50% of cases remaining unsolved. This is despite many people undergo diagnostic tests using approaches including microarrays, whole exome, or short-read whole genome sequencing.
  • Highly accurate long-read sequencing, known as HiFi sequencing, provides a higher resolution approach compared to previously used technologies to better understand the potential genetic causes of rare disease.

Benefits of HiFi Sequencing for Rare & Inherited Diseases

  • With accuracy >99.9% and long read lengths up to 25 kb, HiFi sequencing allows scientists to discover causative pathogenic variants and identify novel disease-associated genes with:
  • Best-in-class variant calling for all variant types including single nucleotide variants (SNV), indels, copy number variants (CNVs), and structural variants (SVs)
  • Complete, accurate, and phased assemblies of the human genome— including regions previously inaccessible to other technologies— for accurate typing of genes including HLA and CYP2D6
  • Easy library preparation.
  • Lower coverage requirements.
  • Small file sizes to minimize compute time.
  • A single technology solution for a range of applications such as: Whole Genome Sequencing, Variant Detection, RNA Sequencing and Targeted Sequencing

Submissions Open till
16 September 2021

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Enter to Win PacBio Highly Accurate Long-Read Sequencing

So, if you think PacBio highly accurate Long-Read Sequencing (HiFi reads) is suitable for your Rare & Inherited Disease genomics research, simply tell us in 300 words or less in English (or you may also submit your proposal in Chinese, Korean or Japanese) how HiFi reads will accelerate your science.

Apply for the 2021 PacBio APAC Rare & Inherited Disease SMRT Grant for a chance to win:

  1. SMRTbell library construction (up to FOUR).
  2. PacBio sequencing (up to EIGHT 8M SMRT Cells).
  3. Preliminary bioinformatic analysis.

Submit your proposal by September 16, 2021.  One winner will be selected from all qualified applications by a panel of PacBio scientists.  

Submission details and the listing of official rules are available here.

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Thank you to our co-sponsor, TGIA for supporting the 2021 PacBio APAC Rare & Inherited Disease SMRT Grant!

We look forward to your participation, and wish you luck!