PacBio Data Deep Dive: A Closer Look at HiFi Sequencing

The Sequel IIe System produces highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads) quickly and cost-effectively thanks to its increased computational capacity and on-instrument data processing. This results in a significant reduction in overall secondary analysis time and reduces file storage and data transfer needs. This webinar will provide an overview of PacBio data for beginners and advanced users of HiFi reads. 


In this webinar, Dan Browne:

  • Explores the content of PacBio HiFi BAM files (base calls, quality scores, kinetic information).
  • Provides examples of how HiFi reads can be filtered.
  • Goes through recommendations for downstream analysis, for example, how HiFi reads are demultiplexed, assembled, and mapped to reference sequences.

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Dan Browne, Ph.D.

Field Applications Scientist, Bioinformatics