Unleashing the Power of HiFi Sequencing -
How the Sequel IIe System Removes Barriers and Empowers Life Scientists

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HiFi reads from PacBio are transforming sequencing. With their unique combination of high accuracy and long read lengths, HiFi reads produce superior results across a range of applications, from creation of reference-quality de novo assemblies, to comprehensive variant detection and full-length transcript sequencing. Moreover, HiFi data is easy to store and process, dramatically reducing compute and data storage needs. 

Watch this webinar to learn how HiFi reads are empowering leading core labs and service providers, and how the new Sequel IIe System, which directly outputs HiFi reads, is making it easier than ever before to get started with HiFi reads or add capacity.

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Justin Blethrow, Ph.D.

Senior Product Manager

Olga Vinnere Pettersson, Ph.D.

Project Coordinator
Uppsala University – Uppsala Genome Center

Melissa L. Smith, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
University of Louisville