PacBio Workshop
Featuring the new Sequel IIe System

Sequencing Evolved — Highly Accurate Long Reads for Human Genetics


Monday, October 26, 2020


10:00 a.m. PDT
1:00 p.m. EDT
5:00 p.m. GMT

In this online workshop, which is being held in conjunction with ASHG 2020 but open to everyone, PacBio Chief Scientific Officer Jonas Korlach will introduce the new Sequel IIe System as well as our latest applications using highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads), including human WGS for variant detection, de novo genome assembly, single-cell RNA sequencing, and targeted sequencing using PCR and No-Amp methods.

We will also be joined by Emily Farrow (Children’s Mercy Kansas City)—who will share her experience using long-read sequencing to identify novel genetic variations as part of the Genomic Answers for Kids study—and Hagen Tilgner (Cornell University)—who will discuss his pioneering work around single-cell isoform analysis in the nervous system.

Attend this workshop to learn about:

  • The benefits of the new PacBio Sequel IIe System
  • The latest applications of HiFi Sequencing in human genetics

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Emily G. Farrow, Ph.D., CGC

Director, Laboratory Operations - Genomic Medicine Center, Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Hagen Tilgner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Jonas Korlach, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer, PacBio