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Beyond a Single Reference Genome -
The Advantages of Sequencing Multiple Individuals

Unless you have an identical twin, no other person has a genome that is identical to yours. The same is true for other animals and plants that reproduce sexually – the genomes of individuals are unique. We now know that the sequencing of multiple individuals is the best way to understand genomic variation within a species or across closely related species.

Join us to hear how scientists have used PacBio sequencing to develop pangenome collections and to study population genetics of plant and animal species to power their research. 

Watch this webinar to understand:

  • Advantages of sequencing multiple individuals to gain comprehensive views of genetic variation
  • Speed, cost, and accuracy benefits of using highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads) to sequence your species of interest

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Kristin Mars

Sequencing Application Sales Specialist

Matthias H. Weissensteiner, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher
Penn State University

Kevin Fengler

Computational Genomics Lead, Data Science and Informatics
Corteva Agriscience