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Keynote speakers



Erich Jarvis

Rockefeller University, USA

The Vertebrate Genomes Project: Sequencing life for a new biology




Kevin Fengler

Corteva Agriscience

Rapid Reference Genome Assembly Fuels the Crop Pangenome Era




Hagen Tilgner

Weill Medical College of Cornell University, USA

Single-cell isoform analysis of the nervous system




Ana Conesa

University of Florida, USA

Leveraging long reads to unravel isoform-expression networks in single cells




Jennifer Ong

New England Biolabs, USA

Profiling Enzyme Fidelity with SMRT Sequencing




Sergey Koren

National Institute of Health, USA

HiCanu: precise assembly of segmental duplications and haplotypes using high-fidelity long reads




Invited Speakers



Tomas Larsson

SciLifeLab, Sweden

Long-read sequencing and assembly of spruce and pine genomes




Dushyant Singh Baghel

Nucleome Informatics, India

Genomic conservation of the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard




Christopher Laumer


Revealing the genome biology of Earth's smallest animals




William Rowell

PacBio, USA

Calling All Variants with HiFi reads




Kristen Sund

Cincinnati Children's Hospital, USA

The LONG haul to diagnosis of Neurologic Disease with Structural Variation




Vijay Ramani


Visualizing local chromatin structure using single-molecule real time sequencing




Derek Bickhart

US Department of Agriculture, USA

Improving metagenome assemblies with long read sequence data




Elizabeth Tseng

PacBio, USA

Bioinformatics analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing using PacBio HiFi reads




SMRT Informatics



Ivan Sovic

PacBio, USA

Improved Phased Assembly using HiFi data




Erwin Datema

KeyGene, Netherlands

Ultra-fast comparative genomics of complex genomes at population scale




Ana Conesa

University of Florida, USA

The functional iso-transcriptomics pipeline: from long reads to biological insights




Richard Kuo

The Roslin Institute, UK

Iso-Seq and beyond! How non-standard analyses of Iso-Seq data can provide insights into your species




Oliver Deusch

Computomics, Germany

Standardized Metagenomics with PacBio long reads: characterize samples by taxonomy, quantity, function and metabolic pathways




Ida Hoijer

Uppsala University, Sweden

Cas9 off-target sequencing and analysis reveals unforeseen event in vitro




Tzvetana Kerelska

PacBio, USA

SMRT Link and Analysis Tools for PacBio data




Short Talks - Poster Presentations



Marcela Uliano da Silva

Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK

The impact of polishing on Darwin Tree of Life chromosome-level lepidopteran genome assemblies built with PacBio HiFi and Illumina Hi-C reads




Pedro Oliveira

Mt. Sinai, USA

Epigenomics in the ERA of third-generation sequencing: A large-scale study of the human pathogen Clostridioides difficile




Sponsor Presentations



Erin Bernberg

University of Delaware, Department of Animal and Food Services

Ensuring Success for PacBio’s HiFi, CLR, and Low Input Workflows with the Agilent Femto Pulse System

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