SMRT Leiden Presentations

SMRT Scientific Symposium – Tuesday, May 2

Capturing the entire clinically actionable genome with high-throughput long-read DNA sequencing technologies for comprehensive diagnostic test
Eric Schadt, Icahn School Of Medicine, USA


Y chromosome dynamics in Drosophila
Amanda Larracuente, University of Rochester, USA

Organization and synteny of hemoglobin gene cluster in codfishes:our experience with targeted sequence capture
Ave Tooming-Klunderud, University of Oslo, Norway

The genomic architecture of nucleolar organiser regions on the unsequenced short-arms of human acrocentric chromosomes
Brian McStay, NUI Galway, Ireland

SMRT Scientific Symposium – Wednesday, May 3


SMRT Sequencing of the MHC and other immune genes
Julie Karl, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Targeted enrichment without amplification and SMRT Sequencing of repeat-expansion disease causative genomic regions
Tyson Clark, PacBio, USA

Resolving challenging regions in the human genome
Adam Ameur, Uppsala University, Sweden

Comparing short and long read methods for transcriptome discovery
Richard Kuo, University of Edinburgh, UK

Emerging applications of SMRT Sequencing Technology
Lance Hepler, PacBio, USA

Proteogenomic analysis of alternative splicing: the search for novel biomarkers for colorectal cancer
Gosia Komor, NKI, Netherlands

Tools and technologies to characterize isoform function at proteome-scale
Gloria Sheynkman, Dana Farber Cancer Inst., USA


SMRT Informatics Developers Conference – Thursday, May 4

On DeBruijn graphs, consensus, and variation: A new algorithm does it all (rapidly)
Gene Myers, Max Planck Institute, Germany

What’s new in SMRT Link and SMRT Analysis Tools
Jim Drake, PacBio, USA


Challenges with Diploid assembly
Jason Chin, PacBio, USA

mRNA processing: misunderstood and under-appreciated!
Yahya Anvar, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

Structural Variant Detection with pbsv
Aaron Wenger, PacBio, USA

Juliet - One Click Minor Variant Calling
Armin Toefer, PacBio, USA

Analysis of Long Read Microbiome Samples using MEGAN6
Daniel Huson, University of Tuebingen, Germany

Transcriptome Annotation Construction Software (TACoS): leveraging long and short read attributes for a fully source aware transcriptome annotation
Richard Kuo, University of Edinburg, UK

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