Note that more presentations will be added as we receive them. Please check back often. Not all speakers will give permission to share their presentations. Those that have are listed below.


SMRT-Cappable-seq Reveals Complex Operon Variants in Bacteria
Laurence Ettwiller, New England Biolabs, USA

Targeted Genomic Enrichment and SMRT Sequencing of Immune-related Gene Complexes
John Hammond, The Pirbright Institute, UK
Medical Genetics: Identification of Hidden Structural Variants with Long-read Sequencing
Alex Hoischen, Radboud UMC, Netherlands
From Contigs to Chromsomes, Hi-C Proximity Guided Assembly
Zev Kronenberg, Phase Genomics, USA
Perfect Genome is a Treasure; DNA is the Key
Olga Vinnere Pettersson, Uppsala University, Sweden
Long-read Technologies Provides Novel Insight into the Diversity of the MHC in Africa
Martin Pollard, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Dissecting ATXN-10 Repeat Expansions by PacBio Cas9-based Capture/SMRT Sequencing
Birgitt Schuele, Parkinson's Institute, USA
Targeted PacBio Sequencing of Wild Zebrafish Immune Gene Families
Jaanus Suurvali, University of Cologne, Germany
Calling All Variants: Fast, Accurate, Population-scale Structural Variant Analysis
Armin Toepfer, PacBio, Germany
Beyond Genome Annotation: Using Iso-Seq to Phase and Evaluate Genome Assemblies
Liz Tseng, PacBio, USA
Detection of Low-frequent Mitochondrial DNA Variants using SMRT Sequencing
Marjolein Weerts, Erasmus MC, Netherlands
Long DNA Molecule Sequencing from De Novo Assembly to Chromosome Level Scaffolding of Plant Genomes
Mohamed Zouine, INRA/INP Toulouse, France


Introducing Targeted Long-read Sequencing in the Clinic
Adam Ameur, Uppsala University, Sweden
SMRT Link and Analysis Tools for PacBio Data
Jim Drake, PacBio, USA
Evaluating Haplotype Phasing from FALCON Unzip
Brett Hannigan, DNAnexus, USA
SVIM: Structural Variant Identification Method Using Long Reads
David Heller, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Germany
Chicken or the Egg: Iso-Seq Library Preparation to Analysis
Richard Kuo, University of Edinburgh, UK
Size Matters: Accurate Detection and Impact of SVs
Fritz Sedlazeck, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Many-to-One-to-Many: Pooling and Demultiplexing
Armin Toepfer, PacBio, Germany
Iso-Seq-related Bioinformatics Tools and Best Practices
Liz Tseng, PacBio, USA

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