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Dates and Time
Wednesday May 31: 3.30 pm to 7.00 pm followed by dinner 
Thursday June 1: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

* PacBio APAC UGM will take place immediately after PAG Asia 2017

Park Ballrooms, 5th floor, Conrad Hotel Seoul, South Korea

We are proud to offer our PacBio UGM attendees discounted accommodation rate at the Conrad Seoul. Simply book your room from this dedicated booking site here.

  • KRW 225,000 / night (including standard internet) + 10% VAT for 1 King Bed Deluxe Room
  • Special breakfast rate will be offered at KRW 25,000 + 10% VAT per person per day
  • 100% non-refundable deposit is required 30 days in advance of arrival date
Other options near the venue
Map Hotel Distance from venue Rate
1 Conrad Seoul 0 km KRW 225,000 + 10% VAT
2 Yeouido Park Centre, Seoul - Marriott Executive Apartments 1.4 km KRW 245,000~
3 Kensington Hotel Yoido 2.3 km KRW 145,000~
4 Glad Hotel 2.4 km KRW 115,500~
5 Courtyard by Marriott Seoul Times Square 2.9 km KRW 147,600~
6 Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel 3.1 km KRW 186,700~
Note: For room availability and exact rate, please contact the hotel directly.


Please join us for the 2017 PacBio APAC User Group Meeting (UGM) scheduled for May 31 to June 1, 2017 at the Conrad Seoul, South Korea! The event will present a great opportunity for scientists to share their discoveries and experiences, and learn more about advances in long read technology. We look forward to seeing you in Seoul!



Should you require any assistant for your travel, please do not hesitate to contact us at  

Program agenda now available from here!
Stuart Scott Stuart A. Scott, PhD, Assistant Professor
Division Head, Pharmacogenomics, Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
"Long-Read Amplicon SMRT Sequencing Applications for Epigenetics, Pharmacogenetics, and Cytogenetics"
Si Chen Si Chen, PhD
Chief Research Scientist, NextOmics
"Long Read Sequencing Meets Human Genomics"
Patrick Descombes Patrick Descombes, PhD
Head of Functional Genomics
Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA
"Revisiting Bacterial and Plant Genomics with Short and Long Reads Sequencing Technologies"
Arang Rhie, PhD
Genome Informatics Section, CSGB / NHGRI / NIH
"Evaluating De Novo Assembly and Phasing Strategies for Genome10K"
Ikyoung Choi, PhD
Department of Agriculture and Life Industry, Kangwon National University
"Isoforms Based De Novo Assembly of Full Length cDNA Sequence in Pacific Abalone"
Dr. Chun

Jongsik Chun, PhD
CEO, ChunLab, Inc.
Professor, Seoul National University
"Bioinformatics for Full Length 16S-based Microbiome Analysis"

Nik Wirulda Nik Pootakham, PhD
National Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
"PacBio SMRT Sequencing: from De Novo Hybrid Assembly of a Rubber Tree Genome to High Resolution Profiling of Coral-associated Bacterial Communities"
Richard Kuo Richard Kuo, PhD
Bioinformatician, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
"Transcriptome Annotation Construction Software (TACoS) for Integrating Iso-Seq Data to Build Modern Genome Annotations"

Steve Turner, PhD
Founder and CTO, PacBio
"The Ways and Means of Future Proofing Your Sequencing Data"
Kevin Corcoran Kevin Corcoran
Senior VP of Marketing Development, PacBio
"PacBio SMRT Sequencing: Roadmap and Product Updates"
Emily Hatas Emily Hatas
Director, Vertical Marketing AgBio PacBio
"SMRT Sequencing for Complete Plant & Animal Genomes"
Steve Siembieda Steve Siembieda, VP Commercialization, Advanced Analytical Technologies
"Accurate Analysis of Genomic DNA and Large Fragment Smears Using the FEMTO Pulse Automated CE Instrument"
Patrick Carroll Patrick Carroll, VP of Business Development, Sage Science
"HLS-CATCH™:   Targeted Enrichment of Large Genomic Regions on the SageHLS™ Platform"
Cheryl Heinner Cheryl Heiner, PhD
Principal Scientist, Molecular Biology & Applications Lab, PacBio
"Sequencing of Microbial Genomes on Sequel: Multiplexed Whole Genome Sequencing & Profiling Complex Population"
Paul Kotturi Paul Kotturi
Senior Product Manager, PacBio
"Streamlined Iso-Seq Workflow for the Sequel System Yields Novel Transcripts with No Assembly Required"
Brett T Hanningan, PhD
Director of Scientific Partnership, DNAnexus
"Of Monkeys and Men: Haplotype Aware Assembly of Two Mammals on the DNAnexus Cloud"
Steve Kujawa
Senior Director, Business Development and Marketing Strategy, PacBio
"Targeted Sequencing of Long Amplicons: Pseudogenes & Gene Panels Using Hybrid Capture"